Pet Peeve Essay Driving

The pet peeve in my life are bad drivers, texters, double dippers and people that are chronically late all the time.  We all know them as the inconsiderate jerks that are late for everything no matter what and worse, they know that we will be waiting.  How about  the texters that need to text something so important that they must hold up the checkout lane at the grocery store and it never fails they are always in front of me.   Worse are those that take more than 3 seconds to press the gas pedal once the light turns green, and wait for it:  the extreme in rudeness the double dippers.  Why do we sit back and take the abuse?

Why do people run late?  Those that constantly run late, basically are saying that there time is worth more than yours.  I personally see them as an insult to my intelligence.  If you can’t tell time or keep track of time, you are obviously not as bright as you think you are.  The worst are the ones that arrive anywhere from 15 minutes to ½ hour late or more and don’t offer an apology or call ahead to warn you of the impeding lateness.  Do they believe we are the lucky ones because they are giving us an audience?  I have a rule of thumb, if you are five minutes late and don’t bother to call and explain yourself, I will not be there to greet you.  I will be gone.

Texters.  I don’t care if you text during the meal, obviously something is that important that it cannot wait or you are socially awkward or rude.  I don’t care if you text and drive as long as you are either pulled over and given a ticket or if you get in an awful car accident and you are the only one seriously hurt and have to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.  That way dear texters you are no longer lethal and unable to hurt anyone else.  Text away, it is much better than the boobs on the cell phone everywhere who speak so loud they must deafen the person on the other end of the line and not to mention those around him/her.

It is not so much the person that is too busy to notice the traffic light has changed; it is more the moron behind said car that waits for the idiot to notice the light change.  Those of us 2-3 cars back aren’t sure if we should honk because maybe there is an old person crossing the street or something is wrong with the car at the green light that is not moving.  What we do know is when the moron in front gets around to moving the car or turning with the green arrow, we are all going to miss our turn.  Honk the freakin horn, there are others behind you that want to go, have a place to go, and don’t want you taking up there time.  I also detest the driver that is in lala land and insists on driving.  Pay attention, you do not have the right to take up my time with your lackluster driving.  And on more thing, don’t cut in front of me then slow down.

Double Dippers.  Why on earth would someone want your saliva in their food?  Do not stick your utensils in the common bowl, use the serving spoon.  Do not redip your chip/carrot in the dip/salsa it has your saliva all over it.  I don’t want your spit  in my food.  Don’t ask to use my straw: Gross.  Keep your freakin germs to yourself.  Or how about the clods that want a bite of whatever is on your plate and proceed to stick their fork right in, without giving you so much a courteous amount of time for you to reject the request! And worst of all, the fork is still caked with crude on it from what they previously were eating.   And of course, the jerks that stick their fingers in your food to grab a fry, sweetie that is what 1 year olds do!

Isn’t it time that we the courteous grossed out humans that are being taken advantage of use our voice: Move it, Don’t, Stop, Gross and many more verbs that are available to us.  Have a nice day!

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With spring break quickly approaching, there’s plenty of opportunities to go on adventures with your friends and family to make the most out of your time off. If you’re like me and didn’t plan an extravagant vacation to a tropical paradise because you didn’t have the time or the money to do so, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. With that being said, here’s a list I’ve compiled of different attractions on the east coast that will make for the perfect day trip.

Washington D.C

While D.C. offers the typical attractions such as the White House, Capitol Hill, The Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument, it has a plethora of museums that are waiting for you to explore. Some of these museums include the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, The National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of American History, and the National Museum of Natural History. If museums aren’t your thing and you like art galleries instead, D.C. features the National Gallery of Art, one of the most premiere art galleries in the world.


Philadelphia, PA offers some of the greatest historical sites if you’re in the mood for touring and exploring. Some of sites include the liberty bell, independence hall, american revolutionary sites, and the Betsy Ross house. If you feel like walking around, you can stroll through Franklin Square and even take a historic district tour. Pennsylvania also offers multiple wildlife parks and caves such as Penn’s cave and Crystal cave where you can take underground tours and explore the caves.

New York

What’s better than spending an adventurous day in the Big Apple- New York City? There’s so many touristy things to do like going to see a Broadway show in Times Square, ice skating in Rockefeller Center, sightseeing the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, and even touring the 9/11 Memorial Museum. A NYC trip is just one of those things everyone has to do once in their life, so why not on spring break?


Although it may not see like the best day trip location, CT has a lot of little hidden treasures to explore. Some of these include the Mark Twain house, the Yale Art Gallery, the Submarine force Museum (where they take you in an actual submarine!!), and the Stamford museum and nature center.


Baltimore, MD is another one of those cities that has a lot to offer. This includes the interactive Maryland Science Museum, the National Aquarium, and an impressive shopping area all in Inner Harbor. If the weather’s nice (fingers crossed for no snow this spring break), you can even take a narrated boat cruise around the bay.

New Jersey

If you really love animals, NJ may be the place for you! Two exhibits featuring animals include the Cape May County Park and Zoo and the Jersey Shore Alpacas, where you can get a private tour on an alpaca farm. In Hoboken, NJ there’s also a lot of things to do including going to the famous Carlo’s Bakery from Cake Boss and going on the Hoboken walkway, where you can clearly see the illuminated NYC skyline!


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