Central University Transfer Admissions Essay

Any student attending a community college or four-year institution after high school graduation (excluding summer sessions) with coursework that is transferable to (i.e. accepted by) Central Washington University will apply and be considered for admission as an undergraduate transfer student.

Transfer students must submit the following:

  • Completed online application or paper application (online is preferred)
  • $50 online application fee (check or money order if applying with paper application)
  • Official college transcripts from all colleges attended. If you attended or are attending a Washington State community college, please request that your transcripts be sent electronically to CWU
  • Official high school transcripts (if applicable)
  • Official ACT, SAT or Compass scores (if applicable)

Generally, transfer students who have completed at least 40 college-level transferable credits with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and/or have earned a Washington State community college Direct Transfer Associates Degree will be admissible.

If your GPA is between a 2.0 and a 2.49, your application will go through the Comprehensive Review Process.

Any student that is applying to one of the University Centers must have earned a Direct Transferable Associates Degree (DTA) or completed 90 transferable credits or completed the CWU General Education Requirements.

* If you are applying for Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM), you are not required to have a DTA or have completed 90 credits

"Washington 45" list makes it easier to complete and transfer general education/university common requirements (UCORE) from school to school in the state of Washington.

Washington 45 Program Description

Click here for a list of major programs that can be completed in two years (90 credits) if a student transfers to CWU with a transferable Associate Degree.

Link here for information about AP, IB, and CLEP.

Link here for the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC).


Admission Term:Deadline:
Fall July 1
Spring November 15
Summer April 15

When an individual transfers to NCCU from another institution, admissions to NCCU as an undergraduate is governed by the following general standards:

  • The transfer applicant must not presently be on probation at the last or current school of attendance. Also, the transfer applicant must not have been suspended or expelled from the last or current institution.
  • The transfer applicant has a cumulative average of at least a “C”  or better
  • The transfer applicant has evidence of participating in scholastic, community and civic organizations including leadership participation. 
  • The transfer applicant has attended another college or university, and has earned 24 or more transferrable credit hours.  Note:  If the transfer applicant has attended another college or university, but has earned less than 24 transferrable credit hours of specific acceptable credit and is under the age of 21-years old, the transfer applicant must meet all First-Year admission requirements (i.e., both MAR and MCR).
  • More information on transfer credits


 Under 21 Years Old:21 Years or Older:AA or AS Degree:
Official HS Transcript Required Not Required Not Required
Official College Transcript(s) Required Required Required
2.0 Cumulative GPA Required Required Required
24 Transferable credits Required Required Required
Good Standing with most recent institution Required Required Required
SAT or ACT Scores (less than 24 transferrable credits) Required Not Required Not Required

Transfer applicants may be exempt from having to meet freshman requirements and from sending high school transcripts and/or standardized test scores if they fall in one of the following categories:

  • Category 1: Applicants who were awarded their high school diploma prior to 1988 or
    are at least twenty one (21) years old prior to the beginning of classes, has a cumulative average of at least a “C”or better
  • Category 2: Applicants who have obtained either an associate of arts,  an associate of science,  an associate of fine arts, or a baccalaureate or higher level degree.
  • Category 3: Applicants who have completed a degree under an articulation agreement (i.e., community college).
  • Category 4: Applicants who have completed 24 or more transferrable credit hours of college coursework. 

Please note the following:

  • NCCU will not accept a transfer course with a grade lower than a “C.” Accepted courses are recorded on a student’s transcript; grades and grade points are not calculated.

NCCU does not accept transfer credit from challenge examinations or for course work where grades of Pass/Fail (P/F) have been given. The maximum number of transferable credits is 64 semester hours from a two-year college. There is currently no limit for transferring credits from a four-year institution.


NCCU complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all programs and activities (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) in the University's educational programs and activities. For additional resources or to file a Title IX complaint, visit the NCCU's Title IX webpage.

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