Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advertisement Essay Sample

Kerchenski 1 Every Woman wants to be Beautiful As people read a magazine they quickly realize that half of the magazine is pages and pages of advertisements. Therefore, most people just flip through these advertisements and never stop to look at the product being advertised. The creators of advertisements try to design the advertisements to make the reader stop, look at the advertisement, and hopefully buy the product being advertised. One example of an advertisement that makes the reader want to stop and investigate is the L’Oréal advertisement for True Match makeup in Cosmopolitan magazine. This advertisement has a good layout, uses pathos and many more elements that make the reader want to buy the product. This advertisement was in the September 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmopolitan magazine is a magazine created for young women from the ages of seventeen to about forty. The advertisement in this magazine is targeting the women readers because teens and adults are experimenting with different kinds of makeup every day. This ad is trying to make women believe that they will find the correct match for their skin tone if they use this makeup. Consequently, if these women are able to find their correct shade they will be more beautiful and even happier. This advertisement is sectioned into two halves. The right half is a close up of a woman’s face. This close up is used to show how well the makeup matches her skin tone and makes her look flawless. The left half is white with writing and three bottles of the makeup stacked on top

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