A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever Essay Topics


This phrase is taken from John Keats’s poem, Endymion. It is the opening line that begins the poem as, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never.” This line implies that, as we know that our lives are full of tests and trials, and we often find ourselves in the midst of despair; nevertheless, beautiful objects can help us forget our disappointments, hatred, and despair.


This phrase is a clear assertion that beautiful things give unending pleasure. We can understand it by interpreting it, as all beautiful things give happiness throughout our lifetime. For example, if a person dies, it does not mean that all beautiful things with him will die. A beautiful thing never ceases to exist, and gives happiness to the next generation. Thus, in this sense, the beautiful things are “joy forever.”


The use of this phrase is widely applicable. We find its usage almost in every area of life. In everyday life, when great people die, their great achievements make them powerful figures to inspire others through their noble works, even after their deaths. Likewise, the legends and tales enhance our imaginations through their magnificence. Simply, beautiful things are a source of our happiness. such as lovely stories we read or hear, provide us profound and true happiness.

Literary Source

This is the first line of John Keats’ poem, Endymion, which opens the poem:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

(Endymion, Line-1)

Human beings have similar natures, and respond to the same stimuli in almost the same ways. So, if a thing of beauty is lost for some time – say for centuries – it could give joy to future generations if rediscovered later.

Literary Analysis

Beauty lies everywhere and in everything. A sentence could be beautiful in a novel. A poetic piece could beautiful, a phrase could be beautiful. That is why beauty is a source of continuous joy, and it never fades or passes into nothingness. For instance, a bower is a pleasant and peaceful place under a shade tree. It provides protection and shelter from the sun’s rays.

Beautiful things also provide us with pleasant dreams, sound sleep, peaceful and healthful breathing. Hence, beauty cannot lead to inertia, but to a continuous battle to protect our earth and nature.  The sun, the moon, the trees, and people young and old, are also a source of joy for us. In the way trees spread and sprout their branches to give shelter and protection under their green covering, the beautiful daffodils bloom inside the green surroundings where they grow. Similarly, the small and clear streams of flowing water provide cooling shelter to give respite during the hot seasons.

Literary Devices

  • Metaphor: A thing of beauty is a metaphor for joy
A Thing of beauty is joy for ever

Thing of beauty is joy forever

Beauty is the greatest and vastest source of joy in this cosmic universe. Each particle in this beautiful and soulful world has essence of beauty _beauty is the parent of joy. Beauty is insurmountable which roots out grieves and gloom from one's heart, gives blooming joy and takes to the gala and soulful world. Beauty is infinite blessing of GOD which is worthy of admiration and sweetest source of joy.

Beauty of nature in first espy gives sweetest smile to the soul. At dawn when moon and stars vanishes with caravan of cloud, cock crows with sweet songs of birds, sunny sun peeps from face of sky and kisses earth’s chest with the lips of sunlight and makes earth gleaming and yellowish. And, when everyone is sleeping in silence there the dawn of nature reveals the secrets of joy to the beholder. As Persian poet Rumi says:
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.
William wordsworth crossing by field of daffodils he was engrossed by daffodils and described nature in his metaphors and daffodils became glimpse of beauty for William wordsworth.

Beauty is untiring attraction for artists like the infinite gravitation of black holes. Sculptures depict the nature, make idols and whiff the soul of beauty init. Poets hug beauty of universe and give breath of beauty in their words. Flute man with his flute sings language of soul with essence of beauty init. Singers take voice of heavens and sing among souls and angles and painter with his colors make the beauty infinite. Work of artist is essence of beauty _where there is existence of art there is presence of beauty and where is presence of beauty there is essence of joy.

World is poured with purest beauty which makes eyes behold it forever, makes tongue to sing songs of praise for it, makes hands to compose poems for it, makes brains to be in its fantasy, makes feet to move towards it, makes body worship and makes soul lover of it. Sky, moon, stars, tress, birds and seasons how beautiful they are! They are real soul of joy _an infinite joy. He who beholds its beauty a moment that moment becomes eternal joy for him which flows in soul like a river.

Spiritual beauty is the mirror of God, in which person beholds himself, As RUMI says: “I see my beauty in you, I become a mirror that cannot close its eyes.” Each breeze of beauty brings soul the joys, universe becomes light and spiritual and he sees his beloved’s face in each beauty. He who has tasted the zest of spiritual beauty he has become lover of beauty. Smiles bloom over the face of soul who looks at spiritual world. Rumi, Hafiz, Tennyson, Shelly, Shah Bhitae And Osho have beautifully and greatly expressed beauty and they have been rose flowers in the gardens of beauty.

Beauty is not just in nature, it is in affection of mother, in innocence of kid, in kiss of lover, in words of mystic, in shrines of Sufis, in metaphors of poets, in heart of friendship, in verses of holy books, in silence of autumn, in a black face, in teachings of teachers, in maverick ideas of philosophers and in voice of flute. Beauty, love and peace fly over free wing and come by their free will. He can see who can feel the beauty, as there is a famous saying: “beauty is in eye of beholder.”

A boy of eighteen years, when goes by a garden, where the roses and white lilies are blooming with all heavenly grace, romanticized is the entire mood filled with fragrance of flowers. There his eyes glimpse a girl, who is appeared in rosy pink royal clothes through the green branches like a full moon, appears from clouds of night. Her face is white like lily in brook, eyes are like pearls of sky, love-locks wave in wind like colorful butterflies hover over the flowers, her lips rosy like the petals of rose in morning along with slipping dew drops and she walks on green carpeted grass with a attractive smile which cannot be easily entered by eyes in heart to steal. This moment of beauty becomes eternal joy for him.




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