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A minor error in bubbling the hall-ticket number in Group-I examination is haunting several candidates as they fear that their scripts may not be evaluated and they may lose out on the most important opportunity of their life.

The Group-I Mains examination conducted in September last year saw 900-odd candidates testing their luck, and that too after a prolonged legal battle and also facing the State bifurcation blues. However, some candidates failed to bubble the circles in tune with the hall-ticket number.

One of the candidates, T. Aditya Prasad, who took the test at Indira Priyadarshini Government Degree College with Hall Ticket number 2011211982 mistakenly bubbled ‘1’ instead of ‘2’ for the first digit of the hall-ticket in Paper-I (General Essay). Since bubbling is done by a ball pen there was no way it could be changed. However, he entered his hall-ticket number correctly on the boxes provided over the bubbles.

Error realised

He immediately brought the issue to the notice of the examiner and sought a new sheet, who apparently said that it would not make much of a difference since the hall-ticket number was correctly entered in the prescribed box. He said the Telangana State Pubic Service Commission (TSPSC) representative at the centre also assured him that such errors would be taken care of during manual checking.

Mr. Prasad claims that there are several other students who committed similar mistakes and are now worried whether their answer sheets will be valued due to that small error.

Representations given

He said representations have also been submitted to the TSPSC to ensure that students don’t lose the opportunity. “There are less than 1,000 candidates who appeared for the exam and manual checking could be easily done to identify the mistakes,” Mr. Prasad said. Similar mistakes were also seen in the Group-II conducted from November 11 to 13 last year. However, candidates used the whitener to change answers in the OMR sheet and they moved the court when their answer sheets were not considered. The court gave the order in favour of TSPSC.

Not answers

Group-I aspirants, however, say that they did not use the whitener and moreover, it was only with the hall-ticket number unlike the Group-II aspirants who changed the answers in the OMR sheet. They want TSPSC to give a clarification on the issue and ensure that they don’t lose out on the lifetime opportunity for a minor error.

The Group 1 was originally conducted in 2012 but was caught in legal wrangles over the veracity of right answers to questions. However, after the State Bifurcation the TSPSC conducted the Mains exam separately for Telangana on candidates following the court orders.

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Exam Pattern

Prelims Examination (Screening Test)

The preliminary exam is a screening test which is conducted to shortlist the candidates for the next stage of examination. The exam consists of one objective type paper. Minimum qualifying marks will be given for reservation candidates as per the rules.

SubjectsGeneral Studies & Mental Ability
TypeObjective Type
Marks150 Marks
Duration2:30 hrs

Mains Examination

Candidates who qualified in preliminary examination will go to second stage i.e Main examination which contains five papers in conventional type & is of degree standard syllabus. The General English paper is of qualifying one and its marks are not counted for final ranking. All the question papers except General English may be answered either in English or Telugu or Urdu chosen by the candidate. Minimum qualifying marks will be given for reservation candidates as per the rules.

Compulsary SubjectGeneral English
SubjectsGeneral Studies & Mental Ability
TypeObjective Type
Marks150 Marks (Each Paper)
Duration03:00 hrs (Each Paper)


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