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Week 2 HRM 330 HW Assignment
For this week homework assignment we were asked to read the case study found on page 119 and answer the three supplemental questions found below. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate Benefast Partners’ strategy. Describe what changes (if any) I would make going forward. As well as what methods I would employ to ensure that an HRIS package meets the majority of clients’ need.
Benefast Partners have more than 20,000 staff members so they have greater need for efficiency. The strategy for Benefast Partners is to target a larger market, which is crucial for the firm to implement an effective and efficient system that will consider information accuracy with the aid of technology so as to simplify all the…show more content…

The cost as well as the risks involved in large and small organizations cannot measure up.
Thus, a small organization does not need sophisticated HRIS for it will not be in a position to cover for the costs or the risks that would incur or else cover for the training required in adopting new software. With this, the organization will be able to effectively plan its resources to meet the needs of the majority of its clients (Altarawneh & Al-Shqairat, 2010). Benefast has launched a new program that fits well with its requirements. It has launched its new product in collaboration with a parent company, a bank that has seen the company grow towards a multi-plan environment and on the other hand exercise a flexible budgetary control.
To meet the needs of clients I would ensure the system created held internal consistency. Make sure that it matches a variety of industry goals. Make sure each policy fits into an integrated pattern, and caters to a variety of industries so that it relates to other policies and future goals industry leaders may be pursuing. I must also be sure the system is consistent with the industry environment.
It is also important to test the systems’ strategy to see whether the chosen policies are consistent with industry environments. It is imperative for the success of the HRIS, to make sure its policies are consistent with industry environment, as well as appropriate for available resources. Critical resources represent action potential, the

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As its name indicates, Human Resource Management is defined as the proper managing of available human resources. Human resources are described as the employee’s knowledge, skills and aptitudes. The management of human resources includes recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising. Human resource is the essential need of every organization. Human resource is essential for the organization for attaining effective operations. Improper management of human resources results in the failure of the organization. Managing human resources is also called as Staffing and Personal management. Every manager has the responsibility of managing the human resources. Human resource management is concerned with the development of the employees rather than directing them and it has to focus on developing healthy human relationship in the organization. Management is a function where the managers tend to design the structure of working relationships between the employees. It allows the employees to work together to achieve the objectives of the organization.


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