Tango Habanera Matyas Seiber Bibliography


Group I 

Clarinet and Piano/Orchestra

Baermann, Heinrich (attr. Wagner) Adagio CPP/Belwin

Baermann, Heinrich Divertimento SMCBaermann, Heinrich Air Varie, No. 2 SMCBarat, J. Ed. Piece in g minor Leduc, KendorBerr, Friedrich Fantasia C. L. BarnhouseBozza, Eugene Aria LeducCahuzac, Louis Fantasie Variée Sur Un Viel Air Champêtre Billaudot

Chausson, Ernest Andante et Allegro BillaudotCorelli, Arcangelo, ed. Hite Adagio and Gigue SMC


Corelli, Arcangelo Suite in Bb Musicus


Dunhill, Thomas Phantasy Suite, Op. 91 BooseyDuport, Jean Louis Romance Jack SprattFinzi, Gerald Five Bagatelles Boosey


Gade, Niels Fantasy Pieces KalmusGotkovsky, Ida Images de Norvege BillaudotHandel (arr. Lurie) Sonata in g minor WIM

Handel, G. F. Concerto in g minor SMC


Handel, G. F. Sonata in F major Carl Fischer

Heiden, Bernard Sonatina Associated Music Jacob, Gordon Sonatina (Clarinet in A) Novello Jeanjean, Paul Arabesques Alfred


Kozeluh, Jan Concerto in Eb BooseyLefèvre, Jean-Xavier Septième Sonate Billaudot

Lefèvre, Jean-Xavier Sonata No. 1 in Bb, Op. 12 Schott, OxfordLefèvre, Jean-Xavier Five Sonatas (ed. Dobree) OxfordLoewe, Carl Scottish Scenes, Op. 112 M+MMarcello, Benedetto/Dishinger Concerto in C minor Masters Music

Mendelssohn, Felix Sonata MCAMozart, W. A. Four Church Sonatas BooseyQuet Petit Piece SoutexPierné, Gabriel Pièce in G minor SMC


Rabaud, Henri Solo de Concours SMC


Reed, Alfred Hoe Down and Hora PiedmontReinecke, Carl Introduction and Allegro Appassionato, Op. 256 Cundy BettoneyRiotte, Philipp J. Concerto in Bb, Op. 24 SikorskiRossini, Gioachino Fantasie RicordiRössler, Franz Anton Concerto in Eb Rubank, Peters

Scarlatti, Domenico Four Sonatas SMCStamitz, Carl Concerto No. 1, F major Schott

Stamitz, Carl Concerto No. 3 in Bb (SM) Peters

•Stamitz, Johann Concerto in Bb SchottTailleferre, Germaine Arabesque LemoineTartini (arr. Jacob) Concertino Boosey

Telemann (arr. Voxman) Sonata in C minor Rubank


Vaughan Williams, Ralph 6 Studies in English Folk Song Galaxy


Walker, James Sonatina SchirmerWanhal, Johann Sonata No. 2 SMCWanhal, Johann Sonata in Eb major SchottWanhal, Johann Sonata No. 3 in Bb Musica RaraWanhal, Johann Sonata in Bb Breitkopf •Weber, Carl Maria von Concertino, Op. 26 Breitkopf 


Weber, Carl Maria von Variations in Bb, Op. 33 Carl Fischer, Int’l


Recent Titles inthe Music Reference Collection

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Sharon G. Almquist, compiler 

Appraisals of Original Wind Music: A Survey and Guide

 David Lindsey Clark 

Popular Singers of the Twentieth Century: A Bibliography of Biographical Materials

 Robert H. Cowden

The Printed Elvis: The Complete Guide to Books about the King

Steven Opdyke

One Handed: A Guide to Piano Music for One Hand

 Donald L. Patterson, compiler 

Brainard’s Biographies of American Musicians

 E. Douglas Bomberger, editor 

The Mozart–Da Ponte Operas: An Annotated Bibliography

 Mary Du Mont 

ADictionary-Catalog of Modern British Composers

 Alan Poulton

Songs of the Vietnam Conflict

 James Perone

A Guide to Piano Music by Women Composers:Volume I: Composers Born Before 1900

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Music History During the Renaissance Period, 1520–1550: A Documented Chronology

 Blanche Gangwere

Piano Music by Women Composers, Volume II: Composers Born After 1900

Pamela Youngdahl Dees


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