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Trigger IDOC immediately PO is created or updated is a recurrent requirement for business.
This post will explain the main steps to make it happens.

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Trigger IDoc for PO Customizing

Please refer to SAP NACE for more information on NACE Transaction and how to configure an output message.

NACE: Maintain Procedures

The NACE transaction is created to maintain Procedures for output.
Go to NACE Transaction and the application EF for Purchase Order. Open Procedures

Application in SAP NACE

Here the list of Application available in NACE tcode:

Application Description
CFError Control
CVDocument Management
E1 Inbound Delivery
EA Purchasing RFQ
EFPurchase Order
EL Purch. SchAgr. Release
ESEntry Sheet
EVPurch.Outline Agr.
K1Sales activities
M1Rough Goods Receipt
MDDirect Procurement
ME Inventory Management
MR Invoice Verification
NF Nota fiscal
P1 Direct Production
RD DBM Automotive
RE DBM Putaway Manager
RS Automotive
RW DI – Warranty
V2 Shipping
V3 Billing
V5 Groups
V6 Handling Units
V7 Transport
VL Visit List
WA Allocation Table
WB Retail Promotion
WE Labeling
WN Free Sett. Rel. Del.
WR Agency Business
WS Free Sett. Agreem.
WT Trading Contract

Maintain SAP Message Schemas (SPRO)

Go to transaction SPRO and Message Schema for Purchase Order.
In this, navigate as following:
Materials management > Purchasing > Messages > Output control > Message Determination Schemas > Define Message Schema for Purchase Order

Select Assign Schema to Purchase Order and make sure the Procedure RMBEF1 ( or the custom Procedure maintained ) is active

Maintain Output types (NACE)

Here the step by step to follow to create / configure an Output Types :

  • Go back to transaction NACE.
  • Select ‘EF’ and click on “Output types”. Go to NEU
    • PS: use NEU Output Type or a copy of NEU .
  • Add a new entry in Processing Routines with Transmission Medium EDI
    • We can use the standard program RSNASTED with the form EDI_PROCESSING

Maintain Conditions Records for NEU (NACE)

Make sure the partner function is set to LS Logical System and the partner is the Logical System receiver of the IDoc.

Maintain ALE configuration (WE20)

For Purchase Order, the message type is ORDERS and the IDOC Type ORDERS05

Set Process Code (WE20)

Within the control tab, maintain the process code ME10 with Message Type NEU and application EF

List of SAP Process Code

Here the list of possible value for Process Code in SAP. ( Note that you can create your own Process Code ).

/ISDFPS/ Process Code

Process Code Description
/ISDFPS/ADCompany Addresses Infotype 1952
/ISDFPS/BOMTPLFunctional Location BOM
/ISDFPS/CP01Change Authorization
/ISDFPS/EL01Additional Objects EXPO_LIS
/ISDFPS/EP01Equipment Package
/ISDFPS/FC01Funds Center
/ISDFPS/FL01Functional Locations
/ISDFPS/FO01Structure Element
/ISDFPS/KS01Cost Center
/ISDFPS/MC01Material Container
/ISDFPS/MCMCR1MC -> MPO Relationships
/ISDFPS/MD01Measurement Documents
/ISDFPS/MO01Material Planning Object
/ISDFPS/MOMOR1MPO Relationships (Plants Sections)
/ISDFPS/MP01PM – Maintenance Plans
/ISDFPS/MPL01Master Part List
/ISDFPS/MR01Measuring Points
/ISDFPS/MS01Maintenance Strategy
/ISDFPS/OREL01External Dependency
/ISDFPS/PC01Profit Center
/ISDFPS/PR01Production Resources and Tools
/ISDFPS/RL01Reference Locations
/ISDFPS/SG01Structure Gap
/ISDFPS/TC01Return Messages
/ISDFPS/TL01PM Task Lists
/ISDFPS/VP01Material Package
/ISDFPS/V_SE_EP01Logistics Requirement (Equipment Package)
/ISDFPS/V_SE_MC01Authorized Materials (Material Container)
/ISDFPS/V_SE_MP01Authorized Materials (Material Planning Object)
/ISDFPS/V_SE_VP01Logistics Requirement (Material Package)
/ISDFPS/WC01Work Centers
/ISDFPS/WO01Maintenance Order

SAP A* and B* Process Codes

Process Code Description
AFSAAFS inbound article
ALC2Synchron. of cust. data between systems (CONDA2)
ALECControl data adjustment between systems
ALFWForward IDOCs to another system
APLIInbound IDoc: Individual Processing
APLMInbound IDoc: Mass Processing
ASMOASSMOD Assortment module
AUD1ALEAUD processing information for IDocs
AUD2ALEAUD Processing Info Data Replication
AUDIT_STATALEAUD IDoc Status Without Statistics
BAPIInbound BAPI IDoc: Individual processing
BAPI_MDMInbound BAPI IDoc: Individual processing MDM Vers.
BAPI_MDM_TAInbound BAPI IDoc: Individual processing MDM Vers.
BAPPInbound BAPI IDoc: Packet processing
BLACBLAOCH Purchasing contract change
BLAOBLAORD Purchasing contracts
BLARBLAREL Release order doc. for purchasing contr.
BNRTBenefits pension schemes
BOM2MDM: Eingang Materialstückliste
BOMDBOMDOC Document structure
BOMOBOMORD sales order BOM

SAP C*, D* and E*  Process Coes

Process Code Description
CATTApplication for Automatic Tests
CHRMCHRMAS Characteristics
CLFMCLFMAS Classification
CMREInvitation to send TR-CM data
CMSEProcessing of sent TR-CM data
CNPMCNPMAS Configuration profile
CO01BBPCO Incoming Invoice
COA1COACTV Cost center/activity type master data
COAFCOAFET Request activity type
COAMCOAMAS Activity type master data
COCOCOCOKA CO object/cost element master data
COELCOELEM Cost elements master data
COG1COGRP1 Cost center groups
COG2COGRP2 Cost element groups
COG3COGRP3 Order Groups
COG5COGRP5 Activity type groups
COG6COGRP6 Profit center groups
COG7COGRP7 Business process groups
COG9COGRP9 Account groups (profit center)
COMM_ITEMCommitment Item
CON1CONF11 Confirmations in CC1
CON2CONF21 Confirmations in CC2 time events
CON4CONF31 Confirmations in CC3 time events
CON5CONF32 Confirmations in CC3 wage slips
CON6CONF41 Confirmations in CC4 time events
CON7CONF42 Confirmations in CC4 wage slips
CON8CONF51 confirmations in CC5 kanban
CONDConditions: Master data for price determination
CONFConfirmation of IDoc processing from application
COPCCOPCPA Costing data CO-PC -> CO-PA
COSFCOSFET Request cost center
COSMCOSMAS Cost center master data
COTOCOTOTL CO totals records
CP00CP…. Profitability Accounting (COPAGN)
CRE1CREMAS Vendor master data
CRE2MDM: Input Vendor from CRM via IS
CREAREMADV Credit Advice
CRECCREADV Credit memo display with clearing FI
CREFCREFET Get vendor data
DEB2MDM: Input Debitor from CRM via IS
DEBCDEBADV Debit display with clearing FI
DEBFDEBFET Request customer master
DEBMDEBMAS Customer master data
DELIDELINS Delivery schedule/JIT delivery schedule
DELODelivery order (MAIS Pick-up Sheet)
DELSDelivery advice (DESADV with DELVRY01)
DEPNDEPNET – Dependency nets
DESADelivery advice (DESADV with DESADV01)
DOC2DOCMAS Documents for MDM
DPODAcknowledgement of Receipt (POD)
ECM2Change Management: MDM Plug-In Version
ECMMChange number
ECMRECMREV : Revision level
ECM_UPSChange Management with UPS
ED00Display IDoc using work item
ED00_XMLDisplay IDoc using work item (XML)
ED01Process incoming inquiry converted 21
ED02Process incoming order converted 21
ED03Process order confirmation converted 2.1
ED04Process purch.ord.chng. converted 2.1
ED05Process shipping notification converted 21
ED06Process invoice receipt MM converted 21
ED07Process invoice receipt FI converted 21
ED08Forward IDoc
EDLNEDLNOT EDL delivery notes
EDX_DELSDelivery advice (DESADV with DELVRY01)
EDX_INVFINVOIC FI Invoice receipt (Financial Accounting)
EDX_INVLINVOIC MM Logistics invoice verification (MM)
EDX_ORDCORDCHG Change sales order
EDX_ORDEORDERS Create sales order
EDX_ORDRORDRSP Purchase order confirmation
EKSEEKSEKS Purchasing doc. for Purchasing Info System

SAP F*->Q*  Process Coes

Process Code Description
FI01EDI FI: Incoming invoice (<= Rel. 2.2)
FI04Process reference IDoc for payment
FICHFIDCCH Change to an FI document
FID1FIDCC1: FI entire documents (Exit 003/004)
FID2FIDCC2: FI entire documents (Exit 005/006)
FIDCFIDCMT FI single items
FINSFINSTA Account statement
FMALE_FIFunds Management: Actual IDocs
FMALE_OIFunds Management: Commitment IDocs
FTBAFTDABA: Foreign trade basic data
FTCOFTDACO: Customs conditions
FTCUFTDACU: Foreign trade customs data
FTRCFTRCON Receipt Confirmation for Financial Trans.
GLCOGLCORE G/L core master data
GLFEGLFETC Request G/L accounts
GLMAGLMAST G/L account master data
GSVEGSVERF Credit memo procedure
HRMDHR: HR master data organizational data
HRSMExternal personnel action
HRSM_DExternal personnel action
IMATIMATIS Unplanned material issues
IMEAIMEASR Measurement readings
INFRINFREC Purchase info records
INTUINTUPD Notification (or Task) status update
INVBBBPIV BBP Invoice Verification
INVCINVCON Inventory controlling
INVFINVOIC FI Invoice receipt (Financial Accounting)
INVLINVOIC MM Logistics invoice verification (MM)
INVMINVOIC MM Invoice Verification (Mat. Management)
IOAUIOAUPD Order assignment update
IORUIORUPD Order (or Operation) status update
IV01BBPIV Incoming Invoice
KNOMKNOMAS Global object dependencies
LCROLCROLL Legal consolidation
LIKOLIKOND Listing conditions
LIP0LIP… Distributed IS planning
LPAYACLPAY Accounting invoice receipt
LRECACLREC Accounting invoice
LSTDCurrent requirements/stock list
MAT2MDM: Input Material from CRM via IS
MATFMATFET Request material
MATMMATMAS Material master data
ME01Order Confirmation with ORD_ID01 (ME_ORDRSP)
ORDCORDCHG Change sales order
ORDEORDERS Create sales order
ORDE_BY_WORKFLOWORDERS sales order with texts in Workflow
ORDMORDCHG VMI PO creation confirmation (customer)
ORDRORDRSP Purchase order confirmation
ORDSORDRSP SMI Generate/Confirm Purchase Order
ORDVORDRSP VMI generate/confirm purchase order
PALMPALMAT Plant assignment for material BOM
PCROPCROLL Profit Center Rollup
PEXCPI Incoming Payment Processing Clearing (ERP1.0)
PEXC_PIPI Incoming Payment Processing Clearing (ERP 1.0)
PEXNIHC Zahlungseingangsverarbeitung (ERP1.0)
PEXRIncoming payment processing
PINWHRINW Time tickets from Logistics
PJMMACPJMM Accounting goods movement
PPRSHRPRS Attendances from Logistics
PRACPROACT Customer stock data and sales data
PRCFPRCFET Fetch profit center master record
PRCMPRCMAS Profit center master record
PRDCPRDCAT basic and structure data product catalog
PRDPPRDPOS position data product catalog
PRICATPricing catalog
QCERT_INInbound processing for Qality01

SAP R*->W*  Process Coes

Process Code Description
RCLRRCLROL CO rollup reconcil. ledger
RCY0RCYFET Get recovery objects
RCY1RCYRSP Acknowledge recovery objects
RCY2RCYLST Confirm recovery objects
REMAREMADV Payment advice
REMCREMADV Payment advice with clearing in FI
REQOREQOTE Create customer inquiry
RSINBW: Info IDoc (Status) from Source System
SBAPSD credit memo procedure w. autom. posting (SBWAP)
SBIICredit memo procedure with invoice creation
SDPASDPACK Shipping unit data confirmation
SDPISDPICK Picking data confirmation
SERDSERDAT Control message serialized distribution
SHIPSHIPPL External transport planning
SHPCInbound freight planning of carrier
SHPMInbound transport
SHPTShipment tendering
SISCSISCSO Sales info: Customer order
SISDSISDEL Sales info: Deliver
SISISISINV Sales info: Billing document
SRCLSRCLST Source list
SRVMSRVMAS : Service master (master data)
STA1Status record from IDoc
STA2Status Record from IDoc; with Function Module
STTMSTTMAT material variants
TXT1Text message from IDoc as RAW message
UPSMALE distribution unit (MASTER)
UPSRALE distribution unit (RECEIPT)
VFNMVFNMAS inbound variant function
VTAMVTAMAS Structures from variant tables
VTMMVTMMAS Contents of variant tables
WALRWALREQ Allocation: Requested quant. confirmation
WMBBWMBBIN Lock storage bins
WMCAWMCATO Reversal/Reversal request transfer order
WMI1WMINVE Inventory count input
WMINWMINFO Information
WMMBWMMBXY IDOC Report goods movements in IM
WMPHWMPIHU Assign and Create Pick-HU
WMSUWMSUMO Move storage unit
WMT1WMTORD Transfer request
WMTOWMTOCO Confirm transfer request
WMTRWMTREQ Create/Cancel transfer request
WPUBWPUBON Upload sales documents (uncompressed)
WPUFWPUFIB Upload accounting documents
WPUKWPUKSR Upload cashier data
WPUPWPUPAE Price changes
WPUTWPUTAB Day-end closing POS
WPUUWPUUMS Sales data (compressed)
WPUWWPUWBW Goods movements
WP_EWP_EAN EAN assignments
WP_PWP_PLU Product master
WTYICWarranty: Incoming Applications (IC)
WTYIVWarranty: Incoming Applications (IV)
WVINWVINVE Upload actual inventory count dates

If I’m working with IDocs, I need to have access to the list of qualifiers. Sometimes I cannot use SAP to find the description for E1EDS01/”010″ for example, so I have s list of some qualifiers on my laptop. Here it is for the Document Header records:

E1ADRM1 (Document Header: Partner Data)

  • PARTNER_Q – Partner Type
Qualifier (PARTNER_Q)Description
AACustomer in Financial Document
AGSold-to party
APContact Person
AWShip-to Party in Financial Document
BABank of Sold-to Party
BBBank of Beneficiary, Partner for Debit Memo
DEBank holding account
FRMessage Sender
MRMessage recipient
OBOpening bank
PAPartner for Debit Memo, Debit, Withdrawal
REBill-to party
RSInvoicing Party
SPForwarding agent
TKTracking partner
WEShip-to party
KNDNode address
IRCIntermediate Resale Customer
OSPShipping Point
OSOSales Organization
OSFSales Office
OTPTransportation planning point
QCRRecipient of quality certificates
RSBBranch in the resale
RSCCustomer in resale
SLSSupplementary Logistics Service

E1EDK02 (Document Header: Reference Data)

  • QUALF – Reference document indicator
  • BELNR – Document number
  • POSNR – Item Number
  • DATUM – Date
  • UZEIT – Time
Qualifier (QUALF)Description
001Customer Purchase Order
002Vendor Order
003Customer Inquiry
004Vendor Quotation
005Customer Contract Number
006Vendor Contract Number
007Collective Number for Quotations
008Last Purchase Order Number (SPEC2000 Acknowl.)
009Invoice Number
010Internal Number (Document)
011Referenced Document Number
012Delivery Note Number
013Internal PO Number
014Accounting Document
015Billing Document Number of Invoicing Party
016Number of Preceding Document
017Assignment Number
018Customer Order Number
019ISR Number
020Invoice List Number
021ID for Cost Assignment
022Payment Document Number
023Banker’s Acceptance
024Matured Certificate of Deposit (CD)
026Check Number
027Foreign Exchange Contract Number
028Credit Memo
029Payment Advice Note Number
030Original Purchase Order Number (ALE)
031Return Leg Number
032Reference Bank
033Third-Party Reference Number
034Reference Number of Beneficiary’s Bank
035Message Reference
036Credit Card Number
037Statement Number
038Account Statement No. (Deposit No.)
039Account Statement No. (Deposit Seq. No)
040Payee Code
041MICR Line
042Imported Line
043Vendor Contract Number
044Ship-To Party’s PO Order
045Cost Center
046Profitability Segment No.
047Work Breakdown Structure Object
048Profit Center
049Business Area
050Delivery Order
051Delivery Order Route Number
052Sequence Number
053Scheduling Agreement Number
054External Transaction
055Promotion Number
056Customer Quotation Number
057Customer Buying Group
058Customer Contract Number
059Check Number from Check Register
060JIT Call Number
061Internal Delivery Note Number
062Customer PO no. for consignment issue by ext. service agent
063External Delivery Note Number
064Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
065Repetitive Wire Nummer
066External Order Number
067Quality Notification Number
068External Inquiry Number
069Business Partner Reference Key
070Reference Text for Settled Items
071Customer ID no.
072Agreement Number
073Credit Advice Number
074Transfer Number
075Check Number
076Credit Posting Number
077Transfer number (just transferred)
078Delivering Profit Center
079Batch Number
080Certificate Profile
081Collective Daily Delivery Note
082Summarized JIT call
083External Delivering Plant
084Tax Number Tax Office §14
086Kanban Control Cycle
087Reference Document Number – Billing Document
102Resale Ship and Debit Agreement No.
103Customer Claim Reference Number
104Design Registration Number
105TPOP Order Number
106TPOP Reference Order Number
111Partner Business Area
APNRegistration Number of Official Document Numbers
APYApproval Year of Official Document Number
SNCSerial Number of Statement

E1EDK03 (Document Header: Date Segment)

  • IDDAT – Qualifier
  • DATUM – Date
  • UZEIT – Time
Qualifier (IDDAT)Description
001 Delivery date (supplier)
002 Requested delivery date (customer)
003 Closing date for applications
004 Deadline for submission of quotations
005 Quotation/inquiry valid from
006 Binding period for a quotation (valid to)
007 Reconciliation date for agreed cumulative quantity
008 First firm zone
009 Second firm zone
010 Shipping date
011 Date IDOC created
012 Document date
013 Quotation date (supplier)
014 Inquiry date (customer)
015 Invoice posting date (Invoice tax point date)
016 Invoice date
017 Payment date
018 Bill of exchange date
019 Start of validity for outline agreement or inquiry
020 End of validity for outline agreement or inquiry
021 Billing date for invoice list
022 Purchase order date
023 Pricing date
024 Fixed value date
025 Created on
026 Billing date for billing index and printout
027 Date on which services rendered
028 Due date
029 Sales order date
030 Goods receipt date

E1EDK14 (Document Header: Organizational Data)

  • QUALF – Organization indicator
  • ORGID – Organization ID
Qualifier (QUALF)Description
001 Business area
002 Sales area
003 Delivering company code
004 Plant in charge
005 Delivering plant
006 Division
007 Distribution channel
008 Sales organization
009 Purchasing group
010 Sales group
011 Company code
012 Order type
013 Purchase order type
014 Purchasing organization
015 Billing Type
016 Sales office
017 Unloading Point
018 Quotation type
019 PO type (SD)
J01 Department

E1EDK18 (Document Header: Terms of Payment)

  • QUALF – Terms of payment indicator
  • TAGE – Number of days
  • PRZNT – Percentage for terms of payment
  • ZTERM_TXT – Text line
Qualifier (QUALF)Description
001 Payment term 1
002 Payment term 2
003 Payment term 3
004 Payment term stock transfer
005 Description of Payment Term
PMI Type of Installment Payment

E1EDKA1 (Document Header: Partner Information)

  • PARVW – Partner function
  • PARTN – Partner number
  • LIFNR – Vendor number at the customer
  • NAME1 – Name 1
  • NAME2 – Name 2
  • NAME3 – Name 3
  • NAME4 – Name 4
  • STRAS – Street and house number 1
  • PFACH – P.O. Box
  • ORT01 – City
  • COUNC – County code
  • PSTLZ – Postal code
  • PSTL2 – P.O. Box postal code
  • LAND1 – Country key
  • TELF1 – 1st telephone number of contact person
  • TELF2 – 2nd telephone number of contact person
  • TELBX – Telebox number
  • TELTX – Teletex number
  • TELX1 – Telex number
  • BNAME – User’s name
  • PAORG – Organization code
  • ORGTX – Organization code text
Qualifier (PARVW)Description
AG Sold-to party
LF Vendor
WE Ship-to party
RE Bill-to party
SP Carrier
RG Payer
EK Buyer
ZM Responsible employee
VR Representative
CC SPEC2000 customer code
BE Beneficiary
PA Partner for debit memo/direct debit/bank collection
BA Bank sold-to party
BB Bank beneficiary/partner for debit memo
RS Invoicing party
ME Declarant

E1EDKT1 (Document Header: Text Identification)

  • TDID – Text ID
  • TSSPRAS – Language key
  • TSSPRAS_ISO – Language according to ISO code 639
  • TDOBJECT – Texts: Application object
  • TDOBNAME – Text name
Qualifier (TDID)Description
001 Purchase order header
002 Purchase order memos
003 Sales order header text
004 Sales order item text
005 Bill header text
006 Bill item text
PMD Reason for payment
BB1 Rediscountable message Line 1
BB2 Rediscountable message Line 2
BB3 Rediscountable message Line 3
BB4 Rediscountable message Line 4
BB5 Rediscountable message Line 5
BB6 Rediscountable message Line 6

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