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Personal Goals as a Student at the University Essay

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Everyone should have personal goals that evolve around anything that needs to be accomplished. I set goals on a daily basis. One goal that I seem to have not truly focused on has been my college education. Considering all things, I decided I needed to focus on my college education. The first thing I needed to accomplish was to enroll in an institution for higher learning. Now that my enrollment is complete, I am an official student at the University enrolled in the undergraduate program for business management. As a student at the university, I now have to set personal goals so that I will be successful in my endeavors. My personal goals are to gain personal growth and development and graduate from my undergraduate program in business…show more content…

The most important to me while attending the University is to graduate with honors. I know that I have the potential and what it takes to accomplish this. In order to graduate with honors I will have to study and prioritize, taking my education seriously. By taking my academic affairs seriously and being a positive influence on myself, I know that I will achieve my goals. This means that I will have to complete all assignments, assuring accuracy and the quality of my work. Assuring that I complete all assignments, I will also need to do all assignments before they are due. This will allow me time to make sure that all corrections are done prior to me turning the assignments in.

To help me along my journey to success, I have made two colorful, eye catching boards that I will allow myself to look at everyday. The first goal board that I have is a weekly board that I will use for each class. On this board I will have my individual weekly assignments and my team weekly assignments with start and due dates. Also I will have contact numbers and email addresses for people who will benefit me in my course. This would include all my classmates, teammates, and instructor. As I complete an assignment I will draw a line through that assignment. The second board that I have displays all my overall personal goals. On this board I will have an outline of all my

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Essay on My Personal Goals, as a College Student

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As I struggle threw another ten minutes on the treadmill, I’m reminded at how unnecessary that last cigarette I had was. Or maybe if I had skipped out on the last round of shots last night I might be okay to go lift weights after this. At least I’m in the gym and you have to applaud yourself on small steps, right? Looking at my life a year ago and I have to say studying vocabulary words for anthropology or writing essays on the possible origins of World War I were not activities that I was motivated in participating in. Having watched my friends start to accomplish their dreams, I understand that action is the only cause for change. In every aspect of my life it has always been ideas never attainment and that is strictly my fault. In the…show more content…

As I sweated out three years worth of hard living-smoking, drinking, fast-food- I thought some slight modifications were in order. Giving up smoking was the first on my list. That first two weeks I went threw at least twenty packs of gum. I realized that smoking was more that some oral or chemical addiction, it was my way of “taking a break”. Whenever I was tired or angry or stressed out I’d always turn to my pack of sticks to give me the answers. Of course they didn’t reveal any truths and all I got was a bad cough. Finishing my first race was such a thrill. It was a competition between my body and mind with no one else. Changing my lifestyle has definitely made it easier to focus on attaining my bachelor’s degree and what exactly it is I want to do with it.

When I was a small girl I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I had no idea what the entailed but I knew I like animals and I wanted to help fix them. Fast forward ten years and I’m sitting in my counselors’ office senior year and I’m being asked the same question I’ve always pondered, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” This time the answer is psychologist. Still want to help fix people but no gory insides to look at. In the real world, though, having a bachelor in psychology doesn’t get you very far. So with a major in social work and minor in psych I think my chances of finding a job are much higher. I’m not positive if social work is exactly what is in my cards but the job

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