Macquarie University Assignment Cover Sheet

Assignments and Assessment Procedures

Please follow the instructions given in your unit outline about the submission and return of assignments and other assessed work. Arrangements can vary from unit to unit, and not all assessments are handled in the same way.

If you contact the Faculty of Human Sciences Student Centre at any time, always quote your full name, Student ID and unit code.

Submitting assignments

You must always use a Linguistics assignment coversheet, signing the plagiarism declaration every time. Please write or type your nameand you must use your full name as it appears on your student card. Fill in every section of the form and make sure you have the correct unit code, convenor and assignment number. It is your responsibility to make sure that you keep an electronic copy or photocopy of every assignment you submit.

  • Undergraduate
    Linguistics assignment coversheet,
  • The locked assignment boxes for all undergraduate units are located on the ground floor inside the Faculty of Human Sciences Student Centre. All assignments are to be placed in these boxes. Evening students can lodge their assignments in the single essay box located outside the entrance to C3A - to be used only when the building is locked. When an assignment is due for a particular unit, there will be a labelled assignment box allocated to it. If there is no labelled box, assignment should be submitted in the "All Other Undergraduate" assignment box.
  • Postgraduate
  • The majority of assignments for Postgraduate units are to be submitted electronically through iLearn. Please refer to your unit outline or consult the unit convenor for further details.

    Hard copy assignments must be submitted in the box marked Linguistics Postgraduate Assignments in the FOHS Student Centre on the Ground Floor in C3A. They are date stamped and registered when the box is cleared. Unit convenors will advise you of their due date. 

Collecting marked assignments

Most marked Postgraduate assignments are returned electroncially. Marked hard copy assignments can be collected from the FOHS Student Centre (C3A ground floor). Some convenors will return assignments in class. When collecting a marked assignment, please have your Student ID card ready and tell us the unit code . (In very large classes it can help to know the name of your tutor as assessments are sometimes sorted according to who marked them.)

A group assignment will be returned to the first group member who comes to collect it. It is up to group members to make arrangements for informing each other about the result and sharing the returned assignment.

Please follow the instructions given in lectures about the submission and return of assessments. Arrangements can vary across units, and not all assessments are submitted at or returned by BESS.

Submitting assessments

Coversheets - all assessments submitted to BESS must have a Faculty of Business and Economics coversheet (or a unit specific coversheet if available) attached.

Before submitting - please ensure your assessment is complete. It is our policy NOT to return assessments for changes or additions once submitted

During opening hours - assessments can be submitted in the assessment boxes outside BESS. Check the box labels carefully for the relevant unit codes and assessment name, there may be multiple boxes for units.

After hours - assessments can be submitted via the secure 'overnight box'. Assignments will be date stamped as received the next working day.

Late or early assignments - should be submitted over the counter at BESS and will be recorded in a log book.

Collecting marked assessments

When collecting a marked assessment, please have a photo ID the unit code and assessment name. With very large classes we may need to know the name of your tutor as well.

Group assessments - will be returned to the first group member who comes to collect it. Please ensure you advise other group members once the assessment is collected.

Collecting assessments on behalf of a student - can be done only if the student has provided you with a completed Faculty of Business and Economics Assessment Collection Proxy Form. Proxies must bring photo ID with them.

Feedback, suggestions and complaints

If you have any problems, concerns or complaints please talk to a Student Administration Adviser.


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