Ocr B2 Classification Essay

  • Hi
    I've got my exams in a few weeks, and I've started to revise, but there's so much stuff, and creating a mind map for B1 will be like 4 pages, which wont work, and flash cards as well... Can anyone write down the things we have to learn , like the key things, and if any resources like mind maps etc....would be super useful

    -Thanks sam

  • You tried www.getrevising.co.uk yet?

    They have all flashcards made by other students, note an ad mind map so you don't really need to make any.

    For biology you should read your notes, use flashcards to help you understand and memorize, and do lots of past papers afterwards to help you get use do the types of question they throw at you; as examiners seem to recycle many questions that were on previous papers, but the phrase it differently.

  • Biology is a lot of memory work, create as many of these flash cards with questions more than definitions,


    one side: name the enzymes in the digestive system and where they are located.

    other side: Amylase in the salivary glands
    Protease in the stomach.
    and then lipase released by the pancreas into the small intestine.

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